Electronic Takeover 4.10.10 @ Maison


Christoph sucked into the crowd!

New stage, walls knocked out to make room for yall

Our special guest The Queen Diva, BIG FREEDIA

Last night was bonkers as usual at ET. Completely rebuilt stage and a much better barrier contributed to a pretty much glitch free show. Did anyone see the ridiculous fight downstairs at around 1:00 AM? If you weren’t there or didn’t hear already, Nola Bounce‘s finest BIG FREEDIA was our special guest. Shout out to Freedia’s volunteers ass-shakers from the audience. Christoph Andersson made his ET debut, and in true Electronic Takeover fashion promptly jumped off the barrier into the crowd. Big ups to DEFEND NEW ORLEANS for their help with everything.


Make sure and come party with us at DEADMAU5 April 23rd at the Contemporary Arts Center on Julia Street. SWISS CHRISS will be performing on the show! We a couple $20 tickets for sale(they’re $28 online) so send us an email at electronictakeover@gmail.com if you want some.

You can also see DS@STR with RUSKO at Republic on April 29th


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