TKVR 6/19 Photos and Stuff (aka superparty-megajam)


Raisin Bran is THE hangover cure. Killer party last night y’all, thanks so much for coming out we had a blast! The PHOTOS are up. Tag yourselves! We’re already planning our next party so keep checking back, we’ll be announcing the date soon. Should be late July? I think it was the first TKVR for a lot of y’all, hope you had fun, let us know if you have suggestions for us.

I managed to get some video of the ‘TUXEDO’ live premier. You can still DOWNLOAD the single fo’ free.


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One Response to “TKVR 6/19 Photos and Stuff (aka superparty-megajam)”

  1. TKVR 6/19/10 « Deftjams Says:

    […] Christoph debuted “TUXEDO” live, we all got drunk, and the sound + lights were killer. PHOTOS are up. Next TKVR is late July. Swiss Chriss is in my living room right now pumping some ridiculous […]

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