TKVR Returns 9/18. Hangover Guaranteed


Time to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of TKVR. We’ve grown the party 10x since it’s Wednesday inception at Cafe Prytania. If you haven’t been to our new indoor/outdoor location, get psyched. Here’s a couple new additions to look out for: open flames, enter through our smoke tunnel, a brand new chill zone in the back corner and a human sacrifice, among other batshit crazy ideas we’ve spent the whole summer coming up with. Can’t wait to see yall out there!

Dan H


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One Response to “TKVR Returns 9/18. Hangover Guaranteed”

  1. Nick Stracco Says:

    Hey! Good shit on Friday, September 18th! That show was kickass.
    I was wondering if you guys would be interested in utilizing me, a Tulane student, to pass out flyers or handbills on Tulane’s campus for your upcoming shows. I was surprised not to see anybody doing so last week for ET.

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