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Sharkslayer-Who Is He

August 13, 2010

Just the name Sharkslayer makes you think that his music is going to be that hard, repetitive, industrialized dubstep crap we’ve herd over and over again for the last year. Though thats where you would be wrong, this is instead a great homage to your seal eating friends who kept me company for the last week (AHH SHARK WEEK YOU THE BESTTT). The only thing I can picture while listening to this track (as you’ve notice most of my posts are about what my twisted brain is thinking during the duration of a track) is that damn Dodo bird from the Looney Tunes bopping around hangin with Bobby Womack.


MP3: Who Is He – Sharkslayer


Beat Connection-In The Water

August 12, 2010

I have to admit I’m a causality to the recent lo-fi surf rock craze, but like in all music right now there is just too much of this stuff floating around (pun certainly intended) right now. I came across this track on one of the many foreign blogs that I read, wait, many of the blogs that I blankly stare at in languages I cannot read and simply press play. This track stood out as a gem as soon as I hit go, and I suggest you do the same peoples! Shitty band name, great tune.


MP3: In The Water – Beat Connection


August 12, 2010

This is something I would love to listen to while darting around the city on a bike, in slow motion of course though. Full of so many sounds, from synths to chopped up R&B samples to some weird sonar bass loop, this track completely stimulates the senses, and I really cant condone you riding a bike to this shit. Instead grab a seat, pick up a Beam & Coke slushy (which I had with my Mishka homies at BCC last night) and hit the JUNGLE BUTTON.


MP3: Linstigator – Disclosure

Mid-America Hellride – Electrocity Memphis

August 9, 2010

Just arrived home in St. Louis for a couple weeks, somehow unscathed. I split the drive up over two days and hit up Electrocity in Memphis, a similar styled party to TKVR. Deathface pretty much tore the building down. They’ve got some serious production, and some great people over there, hit them up if you are ever in town. They also throw another event called Credick or Debit which I can’t wait to check out. Definitely got wasted at the show and woke up in my running car in the parking lot of a Days Inn at 10AM somewhere 100 miles north of Memphis after I couldn’t find a Wal-Mart parking lot for the life of me. Unreal hangover for the 5 hour drive from Memphis to STL yesterday, ugh.


Sound of Stereo-Hyper

August 8, 2010

Think Congorock, but minus the tropical feel with the bpm pushed through the roof. Needless to say all of the tracks off their “Flatland” EP are not songs to be cranked while casually chain smoking cigarettes, but more of club bangers, abandoned at the end of the night……. So burn the track on a disk and flip it to your local disk jockey, bye byeeee.

MP3: “Hyper” – “Sounds of Stereo”


Jamaica-Short And Entertaining

August 7, 2010

Whats that substance called you take that won’t let you stop smiling for the next 4 hours, weed, noooooo, mushrooms, nooooooo, oh yeah ecstasy. I’ve never personally taken the stuff, but some old dude told me about it once over a couple Jack Daniles, says he felt like he did on his wedding day (he was divorced the next week) for the whole ride! This track from Ed Bangers latest addition, Jamaica is (in another shameless drug parallel) another reason for you to keep smiling, though this trip only last a mere 2:55, sorry folks, guess your just going to have to catch them live.


MP3: Short and Entertaining – Jamaica

Surkin-Easy Action

August 6, 2010

On a random occurrence back in 2003 I actually got to see a show at the infamous Studio 54. Needless to say it was back in the day when I was arm deep into psychedelic rock, and I didn’t exactly understand where exactly I was. Now I live in NYC (well for the summer at least) and I completely understand where the hell I was, and the fact that if this track was pumping through the excessive amounts of glitter flowing out of the ceiling it would have been way ahead of its time and perfect.


MP3: Easy Action – Surkin

Azari & III-Remixes

August 6, 2010

If I was to attend a rave in the deep jungle of Africa, I would imagine that it would sound like this. The mix of primitive people using primitive technology to create primitive tribal rave with a slight hint of Rick James. Thats just how I would have to describe Azari & III’s remixes, EVERYONE DO THE PRIMITIVE!!!!!

MP3: “La Musica (Azari & III Remix)” – “Munk”

MP3: “Deeper (Azari & III Remix)” – “Nacho Lovers”



August 5, 2010

Again with the nostalgia of my childhood, except this time I’m going to wind the clock back way further then Hawaiian shirts and Go-Peds. Imagine the playground of your child hood, imagine that Dilla was your best friend on that playground and that you fools were not only bopping your heads 24-7 and stealing all the other kids chicks, but when you closed your eyes you were thrust into a cartoon world full on talking animals.

MP3: “Animals” – “Baths”


Zombies For Money-Sururumba

August 4, 2010

You know those awkward moments caught in limbo trying to get past someone who keeps bopping back and forth in the other direction? Well imagine that pain in the ass isn’t there, or imagine that pain in the ass is a fly member of the other sex, bop side to side, do whatever you will with your hands, and I’m pretty sure you got the dance that goes along with this song down pat! NOW EVERYONE DO THE “MOVE!!!!”


MP3: Sururumba – Zombies For Money