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DISCO at The Saint SEPT 23

September 21, 2010

Come out to THE SAINT for a very special *FREE* disco party featuring the TKVR DJs and Duunes(that’s me) this THURSDAY SEPT 23. More details on the EVENT.



TKVR photos + Tees online

September 19, 2010

Firstly thanks so much for coming out last night, that was our biggest party yet. We’ll be announcing the next one shortly, in the meantime tag yourselves in the photos. Hit us up with comments and suggestions, we’d love to hear from you.

T-SHIRTS (front design/inner print) are available for $15. If you didn’t get a chance to grab one at the party you can still purchase them here. Super high quality printing and limited to 35 shirts.

BUY NOW -> XS | S | M | L

See you in October,

TKVR is TONITE + directions

September 18, 2010

Can’t wait to see you guys tonite. The invite is huge, and we are all set. T-shirts are printed, but we’re only selling 25 of them. We start things off around 10PM.

Directions from Uptown -> head towards downtown on Clairborne, take a right on Tulane avenue after passing the dome, head straight for about 8 blocks and you’ll us right next to Ampersand at the intersection of Tulane Ave and South Rampart.

TKVR Trailer (in HD)

September 13, 2010

shot by @2mattyb edited by @deftjams

That’s a new remix from SWISS CHRISS playing in the trailer by the way. More info on that soon

Let’s get pissy New Orleans -> RSVP!

September 11, 2010

gif animator
SAT SEPT 18th it’s our first party of the new school year. RSVP RSVP RSVP

Christoph Andersson + RCRD LBL & XLR8R

September 2, 2010

All sorts of excitement over at TKVR today, RCRD LBL as well as XLR8R posted Christoph Andersson‘s “TUXEDO” for download. Go check out the post, grab the single, and feel free to post it all over the interwebz.

I-F-Space Invaders

August 27, 2010

Graffiti is one of those things that you either get or you don’t, kind of like tattoos or gauges. Outside the stagnated graffiti scene of the U.S. the European graff scene keeps redeveloping itself in new and interesting ways most notably in Denmark, Spain, and Germany. The music that provides the back track to many European graffiti movies from the early 00’s really had a deep impact on the influences that drive me to be apart of electronic music err day. One of the most notable moments is in Dirty Handz 3 when the narrator introduces the crew M.O.A. ( Monsters of Art, because they really are monsters) and all you see is whole car after whole of throw-ups and then boom! Space Invaders are Smoking Grass comes on and shit starts to get heavy.


MP3: “Space Invaders Are Smoking Grass” – I-F

Throwback Thursday- Bitches Be Crazy

August 26, 2010

Words as true today as they were when they were written. Its been a hell of a week folks, and going into this weekend, theres only one thing on my mind.  Go get some.


MP3: “Gimmie That Nut” – Eazy-E


August 26, 2010

Star Wars is one of those epic tales of good and bad that can be compared to all the great stories of morality and the power of small forces facing great odds and triumphing through out the whole history of written word. Fuck that shit. The Sith was so much more brutal than anything the rebels had at their disposal. Jabba by Kane is kind of like redemption for the Dark side fucking up. Kane takes shit to a whole new level with a journey through bass that is going to melt your brain. I’m hyping this shit up so much because it deserves to be hyped and secondly I hate Star Wars.


MP3: “Jabba” – Kane

Air France – Collapsing at Your Doorstep

August 24, 2010

I just started school today, but that don’t mean I can’t keep telling you guys about sweet tunes! So here’s a classic jam by Swedish duo Air France. Some people call it “Bliss House”, some make up trendy crap like “Balearic disco” – anyway, it’s p sweet and here’s the mp3 for “Collapsing at Your Doorstep” from the EP off Sincerely Yours entitled No Way Down. Also, you should watch this hypnotic, psychedelic unofficial video that I found and soon yooouuutuuubed.  Sorta like a dream? No, better.


MP3: “Collapsing At Your Doorstep” – Air France