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SXSW x Electronic Takeover 2010

March 23, 2010

The Electronic Takeover team had an absolute blast at sxsw this year, and though I cannot really describe it in words, hopefully the pictures will do some justice! Thanks to Mad Decent, mainly Wes, Shoaib and Zeb, Mickey Factz, AM Only and lots of other homies we met along the way!

I think the only picture of Swiss DJing though him and Mickey did their thing this weekend!

Not booking a hotel room and bringing a tent led to a camping in some very interesting places for us, ha.

Right before this Skerrit Bowy told us he was kicked out of the womens room for having a 17 foot d*ck, it was probably more of them being scared that he drank a whole bottle of Henny and loves to jump of ladders.

Why do I love to read Dances twitter? Right after this was taken he told us, “well I can’t catch a cab cus I’m black, so I guess I’m just going to Dj at ihop.”

We got to see Rye Rye perform with Ninja Sonik which was awesome for me since I haven’t been up to Bmore in quite some time!

We have a lot more pictures from the weekend you can check out at the Flickr